Question: What is your favourite planet and why?

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  1. The Blue Planet (earth) – it’s incredible, probably unique, nearly covered in ocean, inhabited by ~7billion people and yet we have so much to explore & learn


  2. Has to be Earth – without it you could not have asked that question!

    The natural majesty: stunning wildlife, breath taking forests, vast oceans are just a few of the wonders that sets Earth apart and makes it my favourite planet!

    Let hope these wonders are here for future generations to learn from, enjoy and be inspired by!


  3. Kepler-22b! It was the first planet found outside of our solar system that is rocky (not gaseous) and is in the “Goldilocks Zone” (not too cold, not too hot for life!)

    My kids are really into space, and they were fascinated by Kepler-22b when they found out about it. My daughter regularly draws pictures of the solar system – and always includes this extra planet! But it is actually 600 light years away… and orbits a star called… wait for it… Kepler-22. Boring names eh?


  4. In our Solar System: Saturn, but not because of its rings (although they’re fantastic), but because it spins so fast that it’s “squashed”: it bulges at its equator and is flattened at its poles. You can even see this in images of the planet!

    Outside our Solar System: Kepler 16b, because it orbits not one star, but two at the same time! Both the stars are smaller than the Sun, one is orange and the other Red, but I’d like to think that someone on this planet (or maybe one of its moons) could look up at dusk an see a double sunset, like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.