Question: Hey Mark! What kind of subjects do you have to do if you want to be a marine biologist because I have been scratching my head for weeks now.

  1. Biology and chemistry would be the most important ones I think. And all scientists need to be good at maths.


  2. Most kids doing biology have done at least biology & maths at year 12, some chemistry. But science is more than the traditional. Geography, Arts, Economics & History are all useful for a career in science


  3. Mark covered it well – I also think English (particularly writing) is very useful, given how much of it you will do throughout your career.


  4. Biology, chemistry and maths are the ones that I would do in school. I agree with Mark and James that writing skills are very important for all scientists, so English and humanities are also very important. And I think that an appreciation of history is useful for everyone.