Question: could you use melted chocholat as fuel????

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  1. Well it is (delicious) fuel for the human body! But I don’t know of any way you could use it to run your car or charge your iPod 🙂 Does chocolate burn?


  2. The sugar & fat are kind of fuels, but you would need a lot and it would not be very effective


  3. Not an efficient fuel for things like cars or other engines – would need to be converted into a different form.

    Not a particularly healthy fuel for people or the many other animals that may eat it either because of the types of sugars and fats. 🙁

    Don’t know whether it burns?


  4. I imagine you could, but as Mark said, it wouldn’t be very effective or efficient. The problem I think would be that you’d need to put in more energy than you would get out.

    I think that chocolate would burn, but only at very high temperatures.