Question: What is the most important thing you want to achieve?

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  1. In my work – I would like to contribute to developing some sort of organising principle around quantum physics – these are the things that are really powerful in trying to understand how our universe works. But aside from that, I would like to have fun at work, and help train other people to think critically and logically and creatively, because those are skills that are valuable across society.


  2. I would love to see a sustainable balance between coastal development and habitat protection. Plus a increased passion for reducing our impact on the environment – this could come from more science, more education, more awareness and smarter decisions – there is a role for everyone


  3. I’m happy if my work does something good for the environment. So working in geothermal energy is a great thing for me. But I know I can only make small differences by myself. Its only by working together with lots of talented people that we can make a big difference. I’d love to see Australia move to at least 50% renewable energy (instead of using coal to generate electricity, for example) by 2020. If I can help just a little bit towards that goal I’ll be happy.


  4. Raise awareness of the wildlife that people encounter on a daily basis.

    Not because any of these wildlife species are necessarily rare or unique, but because familiarity results in greater understanding, appreciation and tolerance. If we are to retain wildlife in our cities and towns such appreciation and tolerance is essential.

    Additionally, it has been found that if we are able to appreciate the “common” wildlife found in our local area – appreciation for wildlife and wildness areas in remote places (e.g. Great Barrier Reef, Coorong, Kimberlys) is also likely to be improved.

    So for me working with urban fauna (animals) is a win-win for all and has the potential to benefit people, wildlife and wildness areas right across the country!


  5. I’d love to help answer some of the big questions of the universe, such as: is there other life out there in the universe? I’d also love to work out how the planets and stars all formed, which is something that we only have a very basic idea about at the moment.

    I’d also love to see an increased appreciation of science in the broader community, and would love to be able to contribute to that.