Question: hey i know u like science but is it hard?

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  1. Sometimes it is hard to come up with creative ideas to solve what you are currently working on and that can be pretty frustrating. And sometimes it is hard to decide what the best direction to go in is. It is almost always challenging – but that is why I find it fun. And it is very fulfilling when eventually you do crack that nut!


  2. Science is probably more challenging than hard. There are certainly hard aspects to science, but everyone is different and finds different things difficult. For example, maths is challenging, but I always enjoyed it at school and university, so I never thought of it as “hard”.

    Probably the hardest part of science is constantly trying to be innovative and coming up with new and more efficient ways of doing things. Conversely though, it’s incredibly rewarding when it works out, and it always does to some degree!


  3. Would probably say challenging rather than hard. I guess for me hard implies that something is difficult – also I have to do, but am not necessarily interested in or good at. For me doing a repetitive mindless job would be hard!

    Science for me is challenging in an inspiring way. Yes there can be lots of work, long hours, sometimes under difficult conditions, but it certainly isn’t always that way. However, those times can also be among the most enjoyable, productive and memorable.


  4. I think it is the hard or challenging parts that make it rewarding. As James said I too would find it hard to do a job where I did not have to think. The people of the world are always facing hard or challenging things either personally or at work and overcoming these things becomes rewarding and very satisfying.


  5. I agree with what the others said. Everyone finds different things hard. Maths and science make sense to me so I suppose I find them easy, but I’m not so good at languages and creative writing! The thing I found hardest when I started my career as a scientist (so, after I finished at uni) was figuring out what questions I should be asking, and how to answer them.

    I would be very bored at work if I didn’t have to think and use my brain!