Question: why do male turtles not help female turtles when they are pregnant and are going to a beach

  1. Turtles are solitary animals. From the time they hatch they live by themselves and not in schools or herds. After mating the male turtles head back to their home and the female turtle spends the next 3 months laying eggs every 2 weeks. Because the males don’t use as much energy they can breed each year and thus you need less males in the population. This is handy because the sex of turtles is determined by sand temperature – warm sands produce females. Most turtle nesting is on warm tropical beaches so they produce more females. Kind of cyclic but I hope that answers your question.



  1. Lots of species have this behaviour pattern, where the male doesn’t help at all with pregnancy/birth/raising the young.


  2. Hmm, humans too sometimes!