Question: Are stars different sizes? And can stars grow?

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  1. Stars can be very different sizes.

    Most stars in our galaxy are probably half the size of the Sun, but there some which are much bigger. We usually talk about stars in terms of how much they weigh, so the biggest stars are up to about 200 times heavier than the Sun! The smallest stars are only one tenth the mass.

    There are some stars which weigh the same as the Sun, but are really dense. The same mass packed into something only a bit bigger than Earth!

    And stars can grow too. They will all expand as they get older, but I’m assuming that you mean “put on weight”? Stars can do that too. All stars gain weight when they are very young (like humans!) but some stars form in pairs, which, if they are close enough together, will sometimes exchange mass. One star will lose mass and the other will gain it!