Question: how many hours do you work :)

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  1. In the office I work somewhere between 8 and 10 hours per day, depending on what deadlines and meetings I have. I occasionally work from home, but I try to avoid that unless I really have to.

    As an astronomer, I go to use telescopes a few times per year. Because we observe the sky all night, I will work up to 15 hours per day in winter. That’s because the nights are longer then (12-13 hours) and we have to set things up in the afternoon and pack things up in the morning. It gets pretty tiring, but if the observations work and there are no clouds, then it’s pretty satisfying!


  2. I work about 8 -10 hours per day when in the office – unless there are some deadlines that have to be met or things are running behind schedule or if I say yes to doing too many tasks :). But my work hours are not really standard as I juggle picking up my daughter from school 2 days a week and then school drop off on 3 days. When I go into the field, I work crazy hours because turtles nest at night so you have to be up late but then the best time for doing all the other tasks in during the day. Not much sleeping happens on those trips, but it is worthwhile.


  3. I work about 8 hours per day on my work days. But I only work 3 days per week, because I have a young child and I choose to spend some days at home with her, so she doesn’t have to go to daycare 5 days a week. Sometimes I have to do a bit of work in the evenings or weekends but I try to avoid this. Also there can be extra work if I’m travelling, like going to a conference somewhere. Then you could count the travelling time as work.