Question: Are dinosaurs real?


  1. They are NOT alive today, but yes they are real. Many different species lived a long time ago – most of them between about 215-65 million years ago.

    The reason we know dinosaurs are real is because for several hundred years many scientists, have looked in various sedimentary rock layers – all around the world, in search of their fossils remains. Hundreds of different species of dinosaurs have been discovered and then described (names & written about by scientists), so other scientists and people may be aware of these creatures.

    The work continues today with lots of people looking for dinosaurs in western Queensland, China and South America. 😀


  2. Good Q & A


  3. Yes, dinosaurs are (or at least were) real.

    As James said, we know a fair amount about dinosaurs through their fossil remains, and people are always searching for more. We also can show that birds are directly descended from a particular kind of dinosaur, by looking at bone structures amongst other things.


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