Question: If the space I was standing in was warped, would I be able to notice it and would the people standing around me? If so, what would I or they see?

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  1. Great question! It would probably depend on how localised and how strong the warp was. You would probably notice it in most cases. I think that you probably wouldn’t feel any different, but your view of the world/universe would be distorted compared to what you see now. If the warp was very strong, then you might not see anything else at all and other people might not be able to see you!


  2. What does “warping of space” mean? My understanding is that it is the “sag” in spacetime that is caused by the presence of a large object. What this means is that light, when passing by, “curves” as it passes through the sag.

    So – I’m not sure how you would notice it. It would mean that the light that you see actually came from another direction – but you wouldn’t be able to tell that directly.

    However – this one of the ways Einstein’s theory of general relativity was “proven.” A large object that warps space time passes in front of eg a star that is relatively fixed in position.. The light from that star is bent – and so temporarily it looks like it has moved.

    I’m not sure if this answer is adressing the root of your question. Sorry!