Question: i libein a place where there is a lot of Quartz rock burried not far under topsoil or just scattered on the ground, what does this mean? (is this a question that you would prefer?)


  1. All rocks are made of minerals, including quartz. Quartz is a very common mineral, in fact I think it might be the most common mineral in Earth rocks. It is made up of the elements Silicon and Oxygen. When you say “quartz rock” this would literally mean a rock made up of quartz and nothing else. This could be a sandstone – grains of quartz that have been eroded from other rocks, transported by wind or water and deposited somewhere, then squashed together to make a rock. Another way of getting pure quartz is when it precipitates from water that is flowing through cracks in another type of rock. We call these deposits “veins”. Some rocks have so many veins in them that they appear to be all vein and none of the original rock.

    I don’t know what is the origin of the “quartz rock” in your area, but those are two possible answers.

    Topsoil is just weathered rock (that is, rock that has been broken up into little pieces by the action of the weather). In some places the soil is very thin – as where you live – and in other places it is hundreds of metres thick.