Question: Do deaf people have silent dreams?


  1. Another interesting question! I don’t know, but if someone has never experienced sound, then I can’t imagine they have any perception of what it might be like. So yes – I would guess that they would have silent dreams.

    Assuming they have always been deaf, that is.


  2. Great Q.., I love it. I really don’t know. Perhaps some of the scientists in other groups know and answer. Probably a physiologist may know.


  3. Yes – terrific question!

    Again I don’t know the answer – but I think Matthew thoughts were reasonably on the mark – without any experience of sound a deaf person has no reference points from which to create sound even in dreams – so their dreams are likely to be mute. That is, assuming they have been deaf their entire lives. If they were able to hear, but subsequently went deaf because of an accident or illness then it is probable they would retain this capacity.

    Discovered a comment along similar lines looking at the deaf and the blind, which is worth a read…


  4. What a great question! I’m not sure what the answer is – but if someone was born deaf, I can’t imagine they would have “voices” in their dreams. Then again, the human mind is an amazing thing, so perhaps I’m wrong!