Question: do you believe it would be possible to create a bubblegum that is ever lasting and would always stay the same size?

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  1. By “everlasting”, do you mean the taste? If so – no. The flavour from bubblegum must come from “flavour molecules” that are embedded in it to start with. You only detect them by them coming out and landing on your taste buds. If they didn’t come out, you wouldn’t taste it. So eventually, they all have to come out (no matter how slow the release is.

    If you mean the quantity – probably not ever lasting – bits are probably always going to come off. And all that mechanical chewing is probably going to break up proteins etc that are probably in there – changing textures and so on.


  2. I don’t know the answer… my daughter would no doubt love it if it was available


  3. Think Matthew has covered this on pretty well:D


  4. I’m sure I read about everlasting gobstoppers in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

    Like Matthew, I think that everlasting bubblegum is not possible (sadly!)