Question: how do ants hold 10 times there weight

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  1. The strength of an ant has to do with its small size, but i didn’t know much more? A quick search of the internet revealed the following website…

    Fascinating stuff!! Since the answer lies in the realms of biomechanics or physics it might be something the Matthew could comment on? 🙂


  2. Great question and answer, I did not really know either


  3. I had a go at answering this question in a chat today. The link James has provided does a better job than I did!

    Summary: the strength of muscles are related to their cross-section – a 2D measurement. The mass of an object is related to its volume – a 3D measurement. So as you make something smaller, the rate at which volume decreases (ie mass) is relatively faster than the loss of strength due to the decreasing cross-section in the muscles.

    Hence ants are relatively “strong”.


  4. Wow, that was really interesting. Great question and answer!