Question: what is the strongist reptile in the world???


  1. I don’t know for sure, so this would need some further research and it is difficult to be sure, because they are quite different animals when ideally we prefer to compare like with like!

    However the contenders as I see them would be the Komodo Dragon, Saltwater Crocodile or one of the large constrictors (Anaconda, Boa Constrictor or Reticulated Python).

    Of the available options I would think probably the Anaconda?!?

    Mark may however, be able to offer some more insight? 😀


  2. mmmm as James said hard to answer because strength is hard to compare. Saltwater crocodiles are certainly strong in terms of absolute bite power but in terms of bite strength per body size some of the smaller lizards and freshwater turtles come out on top – but this needs verification. I would agree with James that some of the larger snakes would have to be the main contenders.


  3. I don’t know!


  4. Not sure on this one! My guess would have been a crocodile based on their bite strength, but I’ll defer to the others!