Question: which ocean is the deapest

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  1. The deepest location is in the western Pacific, just south of Guam and is known as the Mariana Trench. The deepest spot within the trench is at the southern end – Challenger Deep is just under 11,000m deep. This compares to an average ocean depth of about 4,000m.

    The trench is caused by the Pacific plate (to the east) slowly moving beneath (subducted) the Mariana Plate to the west.

    It seems only 4 descents have been made to the bottom of the trench – 2 unmanned and 2 manned! More people have walked on the moon than visited the deepest part of the ocean!


  2. As James said, the deepest oceans are open for exploration


  3. Too late to this party…


  4. Nice answer James!

    I still find it amazing – and little sad – that the deepest parts of the Earth’s oceans are less explored than the Moon and Mars. The environment down there is foreboding to say the least though!