Question: What renewable energy source do you think will be most successful in the future?

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  1. I think Solar (certainly where I live in north QLD)… but I have no real evidence for this only what I read. Simon and Matthew might have some more informed opinion.


  2. I think the answer to this depends on where you live in the world.

    In Australia, one would assume that solar power (in its various forms) would be the most successful, but that wind power would play a significant role in some parts of the country. I think hydroelectricity is probably the most successful source currently.

    In Europe, solar power will probably play second fiddle to wind power. In fact there are a thousands of wind turbines already spread around that continent.

    In other places, one might expect geothermal energy to be the most easily accessible (where there are active volcanoes, hot springs etc).

    There is still a fair amount of technological development needed for solar power though, in terms of efficiency of solar cells and solar thermal power. This is the case for a lot of renewable energy sources really.