Question: What university do you think is the best to get a high mark for any job involving animals?

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  1. This depends on where you are and the type of job you want. As a basics most people that work with animals – outside of animal care have some level of university biology training. Each of the main universities in Australia have a science department and would offer some sort of biology courses. Each university will differ with regard to the type of biology the teach and the majors (terrestrial or marine etc). If you wanted ti be a vet it is a bit different because not as many universities offer vet. IN Qld there are only 2. My advice is to try and get the best school grades you can and tat way you keep options open. Then go to the best university to suit you needs and location etc. This is easier if you are in a city as you will have more choice. If you want more detailed advice please leave a comment.