Question: why can some people balance on a skateboard better than others ?

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  1. I don’t really know the answer to this other than to say that some people have better overall balance. This could have a genetic component, it could be practice, it could be linked to anatomy & physiology of vision and ear/nose/throat structures. People also lose their balance as they get older.


  2. Not really my area of expertise, but I imagine to a large extent it is a matter of practice. You can train your body to balance better – just like you can get better at computer games. Some people are naturally better than others initially – perhaps because they do more activities that involve similar skills. I’m sure there is also a genetic component that determines overall how good you can be.


  3. A physiology question I can answer! 🙂

    A person’s balance is guided by three main things: a part of the inner ear called the vestibular system; sensory nerves in your muscles, tendons and joints; and your eyesight. I think that different people have different levels balance due to the co-ordination of these things. I think that dancers would make great skateboarders, since they also need a high level of co-ordination. Many of the surfers I know started out as skateboarders, so they must share similar skills.

    In the end, I think how well you co-ordinate these three things is a matter of genetics and training. The latter will probably tune the former. So if you have or need glasses, you may not be that great a skateboarder I’d say!