Simon O'Toole

Photo: Simon

Me and my Work: I look for planets orbiting other stars, help other astronomers use big telescopes, and speak to as many people as possible about astronomy.

Status: Crikey! Down to the final two in Boron! Good luck Mark!

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Matthew Davis

Photo: Matthew

Me and my Work: I carry out research in theoretical quantum physics, and teach physics to uni students.

Status: Phew, that was a lot of questions!

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Mark Hamann

Photo: Mark

Me and my Work: I am a marine biologist who works with marine animals – such as turtles, dugongs, dolphins and sea snakes

Status: Is off to Cardwell this week to talk about partnerships between scientists and Indigenous ranger groups

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James Smith

Photo: James

Me and my Work: Working in the Information Centre of the South Australian Museum, we engage and educate the public in relation to natural and cultural history, using real artefacts.

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Heather Sheldon

Photo: Heather

Me and my Work: I’m a geologist researching geothermal energy in Western Australia

Status: Wondering what I've got myself in for...

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